22 July 2021
Sito #4: realizzati i lavori per la 1° stepping stones
Per supportare la riqualificazione dei canali lungo le principali direttrici di connessione fra i siti di Rete Natura 2000 dell'area di progetto, è stata prevista la realizzazione di 9 stepping...
10 July 2020
Meeting with the Press
Yesterday, 9 July, we met with newspapers and TV stations to present the results of the activities carried out in these first months of work. Sampling of the vegetation, census...
26 May 2020
Census of alien species
Start of the census Procambarus clarkii, the Louisiana crawfish. Also for this census, the placing of transepts along the canals is of fundamental importance for positioning traps that will capture...
25 May 2020
Water analysis
The sampling activity for monitoring water quality has begun, and will continue next month along with the monitoring of soil and sediments. After collecting water samples from the canals involved,...
23 May 2020
Floristic surveys
The flora analysis activities envisaged in Action A.1.3 are started with the monitoring of the vegetation on the 9 intervention sites envisaged by the project, and on a further 3...
20 April 2020
Activities begin, starting with the soil.
Armed with shovels and buckets, DISTAL personnel go to the sites of the target areas to take sediment samples. Depending on the width, depth and accessibility of the canal banks,...
20 December 2019
Kick off meeting
GREEN4BLUE: una sperimentazione per migliorare la sicurezza dei canali. Oggi prende il via ufficialmente il programma LIFE GREEN4BLUE: Università di Bologna, Legambiente Emilia-Romagna e Bonifica Renana presentano un progetto sperimentale...
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