Intervention sites


Artificial canals constitute an important support to the network of ecological corridors and direct connections between different natural areas (such as Natura2000 sites) and offer the possibility of organizing and managing a series of interventions aimed at reducing the fragmentation and isolation of different biodiversity nuclei.

Furthermore, they constitute a major opportunity for intervention to counter the progression of climate change and improve the biodiversity of the plain which constitutes one of the areas under greatest anthropogenic pressure.

The area of project intervention is located to the north-east of the district managed directly by the Consorzio Della Bonifica Renana (the Renana Remediation Consortium) and involves a portion of the plain, on the confluence section of the basin of the Reno River’s hydrographic system, affecting the Ferrara municipality of Argenta and the Bolognese municipalities of Baricella , Budrio, Medicina, Minerbio and Molinella.

In this large portion of territory, which has 620 km of canals and a total surface area of 40,790 hectares (of which 21% included in five Natura 2000 sites), activities are planned that will directly affect 6 canals, with the development of ecological corridors and connections between the wetlands of the plain along 60 km of canals, and the creation of 14 intervention sites selected for their specific characteristics and strategic position.

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