Cruelty free methods for nutria control

The ongoing experiments to counter the spread of the coypu with ecological methods

The coypu is a species considered among the 100 most dangerous invasive alien species in the world, and constitutes a serious threat to the biodiversity of our plains. As with other alien species, the problem of its spread is anthropogenic in nature and must be addressed as such.

To date, the only method adopted at the national and regional level consists of culling, but advances in veterinary medicine allow us to contribute to its containment with ecological methods and with respect for the animal’s life.

In this direction, the LIFE GREEN4BLUE team has started an experiment that involves sterilizing the coypu by administering the GonaCon™ immunocontraceptive vaccine.

But we are not alone in this effort: at the European and national level, there are many organizations that are facing the challenge of controlling invasive alien species in an ethical and non-cruel way.
For this reason, on Friday, February 3 at 5:30 pm, LG4B organized an online meeting on ZOOM with animal rights activists and some of the most important national associations that represent them, for a discussion on the options available, and to deepen their characteristics together. 

The following will participate in the meeting:

Andrea Morsolin – Consorzio della Bonifica Renana
Claudia Cotti – Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria dell’Università di Bologna
Massimo Vitturi – LAV, Responsabile Nazionale Animali Selvatici
Yuri Bautta – LAV Modena
Alessandro Piacenza – OIPA, Consigliere Nazionale
Claudia Taccani – OIPA, Referente Sportello Legale

To participate, please register at this link.

Download the slides of the LG4B project
Download the slides of LAV
Download the «Q&A» session

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