Life Green4Blue meets the farmers

TECHNICAL FORUM with farmers – Auditorium Comunale di Budrio, Via Saffi 50
Artificial canals and plains’ habitats.  The right land management between productive uses and biodiversity conservation.

Thursday 16 june 2022, from 17:00 to 18:30, the Life Green4Blue team will meet in Budrio the professionals of the agricoltural sector and their institutional bodies with the aim of reflecting together on the integrated management of irrigation canals in order to foster the biodiversity rate and enhance the local habitats’ status.

In particular, we will discuss mowing and the environmental management of the canals and their appliances, and the containment of Nutria through the reduction of their natality rate.

The meeting, supported by the Budrio Municipality, will be attended by:

  • Andrea Morsolin | Bonifica Renana, Land Reclamation Consortium
  • Mauro de Feudis | University of Bologna, DISTAL department
  • Mauro Delogu | University of Bologna, DIMEVET Department

And it will be coordinated by Sara Serravalle, expert in aprticipatory processes, together with the projects staff of LEgambiente Emilia-Romagna

The event will be followed by refreshments.

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