Acts of vandalism in some areas of intervention of LG4B

This past 7th February we had the sad finding of a vandal act committed against our project.

An inspection at the sites where the cages were placed – with SIM and sensors – for Nutria’s trapping has thus revealed the following damages;

  • 15 cages destroyed
  • 4 cages missing

In addition to all this, a threat message has been found.

The subjects that acted were well prepared. Not just they know the site’s peak frequentation hours and the access limitations during hunting season (that ended last weekend), but they also were equipped with bolt cutters to remove the detectors, which were only removable with dedicated tools.

The act has already been reported to the competent authorities

Needless to say that beyond the physical damage – amounting to more than 3.600,00€ – further damage has been inflicted on the project’s scientific activity since the cages were intended for Nutria’s population control experimentation.

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